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Brand Story:



Born out of a passion for enhancing equestrian performance, Alysen Starko-Bowes was asked to develop the equestrian branch for a comprehensive movement training program. Thus far, they had only been focused on general human movement. They trusted Alysen to bring them into an entirely new market; the horse world.

The mission was clear: to fuse imagery, human biomechanics, and somatics into a unique methodology tailored for equestrians.

The program that she created and developed quickly became a cornerstone for riders seeking a new approach to movement, biomechanics, and embodied anatomy.

As Alysen delved into trainer certifications and expanded the methodology to include rider biomechanics, imagery in relation to horse movement, and the dynamic partnership between horse and rider, it became evident that she had outgrown the initial scope of the program. To fully embrace this revolutionary evolution and encompass the profound connection between horse and rider, she launched the brand "Train Your Seat Equestrian Training."

The new brand, represented by a horse in the forefront of the logo, symbolizes movement and energy, with rays embodying the power of imagery. The pillars of Train Your Seat – Imagery, Connection, Communication, Biomechanics, Embodiment, Movement, Innovation, Energy, Partnership, and Presence – form the core of our identity, reflecting the essence of the horse and rider dynamic.

Train Your Seat introduces enhancements such as detailed rider biomechanics, embodiment in and out of the saddle, and innovative tools designed specifically for equestrians. This evolution makes Train Your Seat even more appealing and recognizable as a horse and rider-centric brand.

Anticipate an expanded range of offerings, including Rider Biomechanics Trainer Certifications, aimed at fostering improved communication, movement efficiency, injury prevention, and enhanced performance for both rider and horse.

The Train Your Seat team is buzzing with excitement for this rebrand and the new direction it brings. Anticipating positive outcomes, we aim to reach more people and horses in the equestrian world, transforming riding potential, and growing a community of exceptional trainers.


Understanding the dynamic between horse and rider is at the heart of Train Your Seat's philosophy. A horse and rider-centric focus allows for a holistic training approach, optimizing communication, movement efficiency, and preventing injuries. This approach builds trust, enhances performance, and prioritizes the welfare of both partners.


Train Your Seat embodies a commitment to the horse and rider dynamic, offering a transformative and personalized approach that transcends traditional equestrian training. The journey ahead is not just about riding; it's about forging a unique and harmonious partnership between two athletes, horse and rider.

Rider Position Study

Our approach is rooted in science with published research. Click the button below to explore a recent Clinical Study to Investigate Dressage Riders Perception of the use of imagery on their awareness of their Riding Position.

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