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PELVIS Trainer Diploma


Trainer Diploma

Revolutionize The Way You Ride & Coach!


Franklin Method® has helped equestrians take their riding to the next level by unlocking old patterns in the body and tapping into new skills for improving your movement and your relationship with your horse, so your riding feels strong, seamless, and intuitive.

During this 10-day ONLINE training, you’ll learn Franklin Method® imagery and embodiments of the pelvis as they apply to riding.


About This Program 


Over the course of this 10-day online training, you’ll experience our unique core principles, including anatomical education, embodied function, and Dynamic-Neurocognitive Imagery® (DNI), as they directly apply to equestrians.

Although you’ll learn a lot of theory, this is not simply a lecture series or “movement training.” You’ll be experiencing Franklin Method® for riding in an interactive format and truly integrating solutions for your unique challenges.

Students will graduate from the training with an entirely new perspective on the rider biomechanics and movement. Not to mention, you’ll have learned and embodied practical tools you’ll immediately be able to take out onto the horse.

You’ll learn how to utilize Franklin Method® mind-body exercises and imagery both in and out of the saddle. From your warm-up to your riding lessons, having Franklin Method® tools in your toolbox will revolutionize your coaching and you’ll quickly see the tangible results in your riders that you’ve been looking for.

You’ll discover exactly how to use Franklin Balls and Franklin Bands along with the scientifically proven Franklin Method® principles to multiply their benefits.

Find out why our students say that this cutting-edge and innovative course is the best investment they’ve ever made in their development as a trainer.


Location & Time


Online Virtual Training. 

Training educator video portal “Train your Seat Online”

Webinars are interactive and hosted via Zoom 



Alysen Starko-Bowes
Founder Franklin Method® Equestrian

Founder Train Your Seat Equestrian Training

Franklin Method® Faculty

Tom Waldron
Franklin Method® Educator

Franklin Method® Faculty

Biomechanics Education Master Trainer



5 Modules +
1 Student Presentation

February 10 -11, 2024 Module 1

February 24 -25, 2024 Module 2

March 9 - 10, 2024   Module 3

March 23 - 24, 2024 Module 4

April 13 - 14, 2024    Module 5 

May 18 - 19, 2024    Student Presentation



Investment $2000 USD

Early Bird Rate $1800
Expires December 1, 2023

 Payment plans are also available!



What's Included


 10 full days of training

Online Educator Portal with riding application videos to view on demand

✓ Access to Complimentary Online Workshop

✓ Franklin Method® Equestrian Pelvis Trainer Manual

✓ Franklin Method® Equestrian Pelvis Training 2023 Facebook group where you can connect with fellow trainees and ask the faculty questions.

✓ Franklin Method® Equestrian Trainer License (click here to learn important information about the Franklin Method License)

 Franklin Method Fundamentals (educator access only)


“This course will fundamentally change the way you ride and the way you coach others. The knowledge and the experience of feeling the change in your own body as you apply what you have learned by either working with the simulator yourself of coaching others through the process will set you apart from other trainers in the market. It is worth the investment in both time and money.”

Yolanda Delport
Franklin Method® Equestrian Pelvis Trainer, Biomechanics & Centred Riding Trainer, FEI Dressage Steward

“I have attended many online courses in different topics. This one with Alysen Starko-Bowes at Franklin Method Equestrian is really world class. For me, this is much better than going to a course in person. Having the opportunity to re-watch the webinars several times is fantastic. And thanks to all my classmates who shared all their wisdom during the course. Hope to meet you next course!”

- Pernilla Elving
Franklin Method® Equestrian Pelvis Trainer, Franklin Method® Equestrian Spine Trainer, Väderstad Sweden

“Practical learning through experience, movement, anatomy and biomechanics has made all the difference for me. Both personally and in working with clients. Results come so much faster!”

- Janneke Jansen
Franklin Method® Equestrian Pelvis Trainer, Franklin Method® Equestrian Spine Trainer, Franklin Method® Level 1 Educator, Zundert Netherlands

“Franklin Method Equestrian connects beautifully to the knowledge I already had, so I can weave it effortlessly into my lessons and even in horse coaching sessions. For me, it’s a great foundation and it gives immediate visible and tangible results.”

- Joyce van Asselt
Franklin Method® Equestrian Spine Trainer

What Our Students Think:


"Truly one of the best distance learning courses"

I have taken a lot of distance learning courses and this was truly one of the best. Very pedagogic and all the exercises meant that I did not get tired during the four hours. For me, this is much better than going on a course live. Having the opportunity to watch webinar several times is fantastic

"Complex topics are explained in a simple, straightforward way"

Overall I really enjoyed the course! Alysen has a way of explaining even complex topics in a simple, straightforward way which I really appreciated as someone who has had zero previous training on anatomy. I will definitely be back for another one

"What I love when teaching is how clients get instant feedback" 

What I love when delivering a session is how clients get instant feedback on how to notice a change in their body which also affects their horse….that is truly lovely to see!


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