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Everything You Need to Know

Get Certified to Teach!

To become a Franklin Method Trainer or Educator, you first have to graduate from one of our teacher training courses.

As part of your graduation pack, you then receive a Franklin Method License, which certifies you to teach the Franklin Method content you have learned.

Our licensing system is very straightforward:

  1. Graduate from a teacher training course and gain your license (valid until the end of the following year).
  2. Renew your license annually for $150 when the previous one expires

Important: We also request that our educators attend a Franklin Method teacher training course or continuing education workshop every two years to qualify for license renewal.
This could be a 3-day, 10-day or 21-day course. This ensures that your teaching toolbox is always up to date.

Please note that the Franklin Method license only certifies you to teach the content and workshops that you learned in your teacher training course(s).