$55.00 USD

Breathing in Balance

Breathing in Balance Online Course for Equestrians

Improved breathing is an often overlooked but crucial element in equestrian riding, and it can significantly benefit the rider's seat.

Riders who actively train their breathing can achieve better synchronization with their horse, leading to improved communication, better core stability, emotional regulation for both rider and horse and a more enjoyable riding experience.

What you'll get:

  • 13 HD videos including education, embodiments and exercises to use in the saddle
  • Both mounted and dismounted lessons
  • Targeted use of Franklin Balls and Franklin Bands to train your breathing
  • Downloadable PDF exercise guide 
  • *BONUS* Webinar: "Mastering Breath Control and Core Stability for Equestrians"

What People Are Saying:

Can't say enough about the Franklin Method Equestrian Training philosophy! Alysen Starko-Bowes is a phenomenal educator and instructor who founded the Franklin Method Equestrian Training program. The Franklin Method brings a whole new level of biomechanics! It's a game changer for every rider

Susan Cruickshank